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Fire Equipment Online – Australia’s #1 Store for Fire Safety Equipment

A comprehensive selection of fire safety equipment and accessories available in Australia is provided by Fire Equipment Online. We supply top-of-the-line fire suppression products that fully comply with all applicable regulations and Australian standards, such as fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, extinguisher cabinets, fire blankets, emergency and exit lighting, fire hydrant couplings, smoke alarms, and fire safety signage.

Fire Equipment Online Australia

Fire Equipment Online is a team of highly trained experts focusing on delivering the best fire safety equipment and accessories available in Australia, delivering items that are all up to Australian standards from various existing brands and manufacturers.

Fire Equipment Online - Australia


Fire Equipment Online offers fire safety equipment without compromising the integrity of the product or your personal protection at incredibly inexpensive rates.

In order to ensure that you will not ever have to worry in the event of a real emergency, everything in our store has been checked and examined by experts in the sector.


In addition to rigorous product testing, we have nationally-accredited emergency response equipment that complies with all relevant safety regulations within AS 2444.

In addition, our equipment complies with the requirements introduced by the Australia and New Zealand Joint Accreditation Scheme (JAS-ANZ), with all fire equipment bearing their approval seal. We have a thorough process of selection that helps ensure that everything in our store is at the highest level of fire protection.


We can also deliver your order anywhere across Australia for your convenience.

With turn-around times as fast as 3 hours, we provide shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and all regions across Australia. Our trusted couriers handle all deliveries, ensuring that your orders arrive in great condition.


We also have a reliable customer support team for our valued customers to answer any potential problems or concerns you may have concerning your order.

We are a customer-focused organization that ensures all of your transactions are hassle-free. For your order, we also offer a return policy.

Professional consulting services can also be offered by Fire Equipment Online to help you determine which protection equipment fits your needs best. Our team will provide advice in your home or place of business about any potential fire hazards. As we can provide help almost instantly via email, we are proud of the excellent response time. We are more than pleased to be able to help out so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fire Equipment Online – Australia